Great Chauffeurs are hard to find

When you hire or travel in any vehicle or mode of transport a great driver or chauffeur is hard to find.
Considering that not only are they responsible for their own safety but for you, your family and your friends.
Not to discount all of the other road transport users on the road these days, it’s a jungle out there.

When you hire a Super-stretch limousine having the right person as your driver is imperative.
Chauffeurs of hire cars and limos all are required to be licensed by the Victorian government.
If you ever need to check a driver or chauffeur’s accreditation using their number displayed or requested, using their 6 digit pin number, you can do so here.

Licensed chauffeurs and accredited limousine and hire car companies are regulated by the TSC – Taxi Services Commission in Victoria and follow stringent guidelines to maintain vehicles and service levels.

Great chauffeurs can do amazing things for you.

They make your day extra special by offering a great service.
They are always on time.
Always dressed to impress.
Presentation of their vehicle is usually second to none.
Vehicle smells clean, glasses are clean, floors are clean, windows etc etc.
They command these vehicles like a ships captain and as such chauffeurs deserve the same respect.
When your chauffeur is exceptional you will not even notice that the vehicle is moving it feels like your gliding on air.
If you can sit and hold a drink in a glass and not slide or rock in your seat, your experience will be a relaxed comfortable and enjoyable journey for everyone.
Wonderful chauffeurs have a knowledge of Melbourne and surrounds that also ensures a trouble free trip.
Courteous and can do attitude in any situation.
Diplomatic and respectful.

The best chauffeurs.

The best chauffeurs open doors, pour your initial drinks, put your luggage in the boot,
play your requested music, makes sure the climate control of the vehicle suits you as well as many other possible requirements you may have.

A great chauffeur and hire car or limo company normally supply on the occasion.

Sewing kit.
First Aid kit.
Clean glasses.
Baby seats or boosters.
Chilled water.
Maybe a complimentary sparkling.
Red Carpet.
The list is open.

When you contact someone for  limo hire or transport of any kind you can ask what they supply or you may ask if they can supply items per your requests, always keep in mind that extra’s sometimes do cost extra.

If you do find that your chauffeur meets all the above mentioned make sure you treat them well.
Maybe even offer them something in appreciation, like a tip. (back number 6 horse in the second race) lol

But one thing is for sure always remember the name and number of the hire car company and the name of your chauffeur!

Have a great day!